Joy Perreras

Personal Freedom Guide

I have a vision of soul led women to reclaim the true nature of their divine power... so they embody deep liberation, and become the medicine of love and truth for humanity.
Living their Aligned Hell YES Life!
Guiding mature women from life's stagnation & dissatisfaction to true freedom & power.
Women becoming the next best version of themselves, living purposeful and
aligned HellYES way of BEing.  The time is now.

At a crossroads? 
Desiring to make changes?
Something feels off and misaligned?
Done with people-pleasing and living someone else's life?
You're a beautiful emotional, physical & spiritual being with everything you want within you.
Let's disrupt, crack open and dive into what's holding you back, release, and get aligned into
your inner freedom, peace, power, and joy.  
  • Success is yours your way...becoming fulfilled NOW, not later.
  • Have the courage, confidence, and peace to be YOU.
  • Moving emotions into motion, releasing stuckness & stagnation.
  • Relaxing deeply & powerfully in the midst of chaos.
  • Rebooting, reinventing, reclaiming & restoring into wholeness.
  • Becoming radically aligned - body, mind, soul, spirit.
  • Blossoming inside out...unfolding with ease ongoingly.
  • Experience deep liberation, and live the life you're meant to live.
  • Live your one precious life, reboot anytime.
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