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"I have a vision of soul-led women reclaiming the true nature of their divine power... so they embody deep peace & freedom and become a medicine of love, truth & joy for humanity. Living an imperfectly aligned life!"

HER journey so far.​..

Personal Peace & Freedom Guide, Joy Perreras is a gentle yet powerful guiding light for women who are ready for some change, opening them to their awakening, blossoming, and liberation.  She believes women are so much more powerful and effective when they embody and viscerally own their divine essence and power.

She was also nicknamed Ninja for her stealthy way of navigating people's pain into power, fear into love, confusion into clarity, pressure into pleasure, stress into ease and grace... and all that good stuff!  She believes in moving our emotions into motion, and always begins with the body whenever we are stuck or unfulfilled.  


Her work has empowered women internationally for years, by bringing forth the powerful inner wisdom & ease for today’s hardworking visionary women and women in the midst of a life detour. 


She's committed & on a mission to harmonize & blossoming women’s lives inside out from their innate knowing and deep truth... because men, children, and the world will reap its unlimited benefit.

"Ultimately, in the end, we will look at our life, by how we lived fully with love, peace, and joy within.  That is all that matters.  The time is always now, because we will never know when that end will be."

She's had many reboots in her life and considers herself a late bloomer.

Nonetheless, all her experiences have given her amazing wisdom and humor to be able to overflow to other women.  Her last big reboot was the catalyst for her big aligned Hell YES evolution.  She was super clear that there is no other time, but now.

Her passion is to guide soul-centered women, and women in transition through her one-on-one coaching, workshops, and retreats undressing their hearts, releasing stuck emotions, allowing more joy in, learning the art of letting go, and rediscovering their deepest soul's expression. 


She was also a Global Facilitator and Coach for Braveheart Women Global Community facilitating specialized tools using female physiology to blossom, collaborate, and create.  She's led retreats, gatherings, and live workshops internationally, around the US, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.

She's a student of life and embraces the many aspects of her evolution personally and professionally. 


Other Stuff...

She's spoken on the same stage with Marianne Williamson, Ellie Drake, Jamie Lee Curtis, Valerie Harper & other BraveHeart women leaders in front of a thousand women. 


She's co-lead a breakout session at the Conference for Global Transformation.


She's a graduate of Sociology & Social Science. She's Certified in Spiritual Life Coaching, Mind Clearing, Bodywork, BraveHeart Resonator, Illumination Intensive Guide, DYBO Release Dance, and Female Blossoming Experience Facilitation. 

She's been both a student and coach/trainer with several leading-edge Transformational organizations & companies and Shamanic journeys.  

She's co-authored a book called Smart Women Embrace Transitions.

She didn't know that her 30+ years in the Fashion Industry as a Women'sDesigner was a grounding for her passion to empower women for the rest of her life.

A lover of the outdoors & nature except for bugs loving her back.  Enjoys good healthy food, including yummy desserts made of sticky rice.   A doggy person who is allergic to cats.  She's currently embracing her nomadic lifestyle visiting her siblings and friends around the globe.  

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