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Group Photo Shoot
Images are not in any particular order.  Enjoy the wonderful gathering of women.
What some women had to say after a Getaway....

From Karen 

"Far exceeded expectations!  Many shifts on every topic/concept. Saw physiological changes & emotional clearing.  Joy is a master! :) She is intuitive, calm, insightful, and a complete delight. Substantial materials are presented in a way that creates understanding and implementation. This program rocks!"

From Marie 

"Meals were exquisite, healthy, and tasty.  Love the synergy between us.  I learned so much!  I enjoyed the group collaborations.  Joy honored each woman in the space they are in whether they are struggling or at ease.  She was present with focused intentions and shine a light on each woman and her gifts and contributions.  I got a chance to explore myself in a judgment-free zone and built a sisterhood in a weekend!" 

From Lisa 

"This experience was powerful. It gave me tools to use immediately and ongoingly. I feel like I was blocked creatively and now am overflowing in my passion and purpose. This getaway gave me a new understanding of my personal, professional, and global purpose. I came away with insight & tools to continue each day practicing living my life with ease."

From Sylvia 

"Expectations were set and the experience was transformational!  I am so happy  I made the decision to come back for the second time. This experience has been one of my biggest breakthroughs yet. I'm finding me and SHE is pretty amazing"

From Linda

"Transformational!  This was a transformational weekend for me. I learned and grew and am ready to go out into the world! There was an amazing connection that formed between the women."​

From Paula 

"Venue was beautiful. The meals were yummy. The facilitation was perfect.  I learned so much. Intention Units was my favorite & women & connection!  Transform yourself from the inside out. A gift to yourself. A weekend of love connection and personal growth.  Watching women blossom is the Best!"


From Anna 

 "I am still learning and growing in epic ways from the getaway in May! I have felt big shifts throughout the summer but wasn't able to really identify what those shifts were until now. 
I went to the getaway thinking I wanted to focus on getting in touch with my divine feminine....ha! My dolphin was just fine, but that lioness...she was ready to be set free and take action. 
Thriving from this new space feels SOOO very different, but I am absolutely LOVING it. I finally feel like I can trust myself to have my own back: to make/hold boundaries and to make decisions from a grounded/rational space. This is a game-changer for me, one of those moments I will look back on and say "everything changed for the better after that." Thank you Joy and my sisters! My cup runneth over in gratitude and love. What an amazing gift." 💗

From Candis 

 "Life becomes clearer once you take the time to spend unbinding yourself from the ridged mold of life. I"m now flowing with my dolphin and lioness energy. It is speaking so loudly with my very essence."

 "I thank you Joy for providing such a safe place for me to be one with myself and others. Your soul touched mine in such a way that I am still trying to process. This weekend was life-changing and I enjoyed our collaboration of energy. I look forward to spending more time with my BHW sisters and yourself.  Such an enchanting weekend. I can't thank you enough"

From Rebecca 

 "I now enjoy practicing feeling pleasure and surrender in my body"

From Sylvia 

 "What a life-changing weekend! These women are amazing and I feel so grateful I was able to attend and grow with each and every one of them.!  Joy Perreras thank you for putting such a life-changing event together❤️❤️❤️ I wanted to share that last night I taught my class just like I have always imagined I wanted to. We used flow dance and dance therapy for flexibility training.... I used some movements from the retreat, and I caught myself Hahhhhhing out loud... I sprung this on my students afterward... The compliments came flying in... They felt rejuvenated and connected... I am going to grow this form of teaching...  I'm happy I was able to finally release it ….”  Class was amazing ... I didn't practice or anything I just let it flow out of me as it has always meant to be.

..."After the retreat, I found my inner SHE and can dance again from my soul. Before I dance, I breathe, bring in the SHE, and then ground myself ... It truly gets me focused and I can perform.... This is huge for me! 

Now I'm focusing on my business and finances. And today I feel confident, excited, and ready for a growth spurt!"


From Suzanne 

 "I did my oxy breathing out loud before my medical procedure today and meditated this morning and at the dr. Office. I was so much less stressed! I just let it flow!  Thank you so much for the amazing gift of ease, I now have great tools and it's all in my body!


From Lucia 

"The experience in itself was an experience like no other for me so far.  It was genuinely one I will remember and take with me where ever I go. BHW is a community I can genuinely say I am proud, thankful and grateful to be a part of.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the BHW creator and thank you Joy for being amazing!"

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