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Life Reboot Course

21 Day Jumpstart your Blissful, Badass & Beautiful Self... and Life, Now!

It's time for you to get your groove on again!

Find that deep peace and relaxation in your heart & body so you can start or continue moving towards your best life!

Let's make this next move for you less complicated, less stressful, and on track to being the real deal for you, finally!

And Now, because if not now... when?

When:   TBD Starts October 1st.

Where:  The comfort of your home/office/chill spot

                Virtual Zoom conference meeting platform

What:  Live online training, worksheets, group coaching, weekly                  practices and homework, private FB 'LRC' group page

Cost:  *$297.00 US (*Valued at $497- this is a Special Limited Time rate)

                       -A Deposit of $97 will save your spot!

                -A 3 Pay Plan is available (3x $97, last payment due 5 days prior                                to start of course)

The Course :

Session 1- Why Reboot & the 3 Elements of Reboot.

                   Why reboot? What it means to Reboot.  What are 

                   the elements required in order to reboot.

Session 2- Understanding our Internal Hard Drive & Floppies.

                   Get clear first on what your design and defaults are 

                   that's causing some fight, flight, freeze reactions.

Session 3- Cooling down and Boosting our Circuitry Connection.

                  Learn new ways, some unconventional perhaps in                                 creating deep deconstruction and redesigning circuitry                         within you for real sustainable change so you move                                 more in ease and flow.  

Session 4- The Elimination & reActivation process.

                  Discover what requires letting go of as you reboot... in                            all areas of your life.  Then what requires more                                        activation!  After session 3, you got this with Ease!

Session 5- The Science and the Art of your creation.

                   The artist within you, the creator within you, and your                          Whole self is ready for this new operating system to                                turn on.  Let's explore what calls you forth next!

Session 6- New OS Booted and Loaded.

                  Putting it all together, activating your body, soul and                             spirit for the success, the love, the purpose, the                                           abundance, the community you are intending for                                     yourself now. More Q&A and real talk for our last session.

All sessions will be 60-90 minutes long depending on the groups energy and engagement.

Zoom video sessions will be recorded but ALWAYS best to be present for real coaching to happen and interaction is key with this work.

We will work with your full body, mind and spirit so block the sessions times for YOU only and away from distractions.

Our intimate group of amazing women like yourself will bond and connect beautifully, and confidentiality is of  utmost importance so you will be in a safe and nourishing space.

Continued connection, collaboration and coaching will happen in between each sessions in the private Life Reboot Course FB group.

We will have fun and levity.  Valuable deep work isn't necessarily all serious and gloomy.  You will realize the joy of being YOU!

Trust within sister.  If you intuitively feel like this is something you want to be a part of, do it and register.  If it's a solid strong no, trust that and maybe next time we'll meet again.  All good.

If you have any other questions or comments, please email

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