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A SPECIAL Weekend Gathering ya Marakep!





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Thursday, July 15 - Sunday, July 18
Palm Springs, California

An Exclusive Tiponan of Matets! :)  

Relax our Body, Mind, & Spirit 
Tonay ya retreat, Pangasinan style!:)

This idea came up after the special event when the Queen turned 80!  Thank you Atchi Juling for the inspiration to get us all together, share memories, stories of the past and many things that only you and your family know about the Perreras family. 


We can't wait to find out more.  As we're all moving towards our golden years, we want to learn more about each other, our families, our many changes and evolutions in our lives... and the beautiful connection that still lives today.

We feel grateful that we have this chance, and we feel this retreat will be magical and also healing in so many ways.    Salamat!


We're glad that we get to do this, and of course, we're here together because of someone.  The one common glue that masterminded it all!  She was the visionary and took big risks.... and we are sure a lot of the stories and tsismis will be about her & Pops.
Without her, none of us would be here having this wonderful gathering, so even with all her imperfections, we like to honor her.  We know she'll be with us in spirit during the whole retreat. 
Thank you to the original Queen Matets herself, the one and only Alicia Perreras! :) 

Palm Springs here we come, see below what we have planned!  Aysus!!!
Palm Springs

Palm Springs

An acre of lush greenery, fruit trees an

An acre of natural splendor.

Cleansing & Immune Boosting Elixirs

Daily Delicious Cleansing Juicies

View of the mountains

Cool evening view of the mountains.

Plant Based Meals.

Tantanaman type meals :) and bring Filipino food if you desire!

Chill spot & steps to observation deck

Chill spot & steps up the observation deck.


Sayawan met!

The parlor.

Glamour room for tsismis time!

Body Movements & Flow

Stretch, Strength & Flow

Steps to the saltwater olympic size pool

Saltwater Pool, no chlorine!

Outdoor courtyard dining

Outdoor dining... kono!

Medicinal Herbal Tea Infusions

Herbal Tea made by Glades from MX

Cranio Sacral

Cranio Sacral Massage Therapy!

Lots of laughs... elekan of matets! :)

By the Pool

Relaxing by the Salt-water pool.

Meditations & Mindfulness Practices

Guided meditations or dasalan.

Healthy fruits

Fresh Summer Fruits to eat and for shakes!

Kuentoan tan tsimisan

Detox & Delight Chef's kitchen!

Baleg ya Kusina where all the yumminess will come from!

Qi Gong Flow

Qi Gong Flow Session(s)

Gut Health Nourishment

Gut Health - Linisan so eges.

View of Palm Springs from Tahquitz Park

OPTIONAL: View of Palm Springs from Tahquitz Canyon Park hike.

Up the Tahquitz Canyon Park

OPTIONAL: Hike to Tahquitz Canyon Park

Retreat includes...

- 3-Night Accommodation in a glamorous Villa with all the amenities & acreage of glam & history.
- A big Salt-water pool surrounded by mature Palm trees, fruit trees & the mountains - to rest and relax.

- All breakfast, all meriendas, unlimited healthy juices & shakes,  plus specialty teas throughout the retreat. Lunch and dinners will be collaboration and potluck.  See below for details.

- A trip to Tanquitz Canyon Park hike one morning.


- Guided Meditations/Prayers & Solo quiet times, no gabay yo.

- Herbal/Medicinal Tea tasting & lessons.

- Dancing & Laughs 

- Stargazing at night... and much more!

+ Extra love included...

- A Qi Gong Energy Movement Session with Glades.  This will be a group activity.  A gentle exercise.

-- One Private 30-minute Reiki Energy Healing Session with Joy during the weekend.  This it to put positive energy to any health issues.

-  An easy beginners Yoga or Stretch class to strengthen our bodies.

Highly recommend...

- Book a  Cranio-Sacral or Body Massage Therapy Session with Glades.  This to relax your whole nervous system. For a discounted price, kono!   Aysus!!

Exclusive Retreat by Invitation Only

It'll be in a spacious 5200 sq ft Villa + an acre of property with 4 big bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It has 2 King beds, 2 queen beds, 1 double bed.  Comfortably fits 8-10 people.

Exclusive invitation to the women of families - Ferrer, Sales, Perreras, and ???. As an important part of the women's lineage of the family, we are honored to invite and have YOU!

Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 11.13.08

This is a 4days/3nights all-inclusive getaway!

The property will be open from 3pm Thursday, and check out is 10am Sunday.

An average of 2.5 hour drive from LA/Pasadena.

No need to rush, so don't make other plans on Sunday and hang around La Quinta with Clai, after we check out from the retreat.


We wish to bring us all together for free... BUT,

we're not rich ... YET!  ha ha... so unfortunately we will have to share the expenses. 

Kasi, onya so nanyari... this property was already paid & booked for Joy's coaching Women's Retreat, but it got cancelled. Sayang!  Kanyan mabli ya dayset so bayar to yan abong. 

Balet, instead of Joy losing her money altogether, we feel that it was divine timing, and that god had other plans.  

It was meant for us! Gawen tila ya para ed sikatayo, perfect solution for what we were already planning after the 80th party! We just had to change the dates.

We can all share the expense of the property rental, tax, cleaning fee, etc. + plus.  

Just get to Palm Springs, and just show up!  

We want you to just relax, enjoy the place & food, and share stories.

Cost is a bit higher than what we all anticipated but we feel it will be soooo worth it!  Memories, our health, and experiences with loved ones are more precious than anything else.

Click the button above to send your share of the expenses please. 

If you prefer check or cash, let Joy know.  SALAMAT!


(medio atagey ya dayset, estimate to para siamera labat, ag me pambayaren may sakey ya bee)

*ALSO, if we add 2 more ladies, maybe we can lower the per person cost a little.


Joy aka 'Badoy'

Perreras #3


 We can't wait to love on you, bring some fun, some relaxing & healing treatments, and facilitate the whole weekend!

Mampaliket tayon amin!


Glades aka 'Gladys!'

Perreras #5 

For everyone's safety and protection, we request that you practice your own self-care with regard to Covid at all times.  The rental management also has strict Covid protocols on their end. We will be diligent in the best possible way regarding any Covid's safety while having the full experience of the retreat.  Please take great care of yourself!

 Agi! Isn't it gonna be hot & ampetang in July, in Palm Springs?!

No worries! Singa met Pilipinas, pero there's a big pool and lots of room in the house!



- Casual comfortable summer wear.

- Sundresses.

- Yoga or loose movement clothes.

- Walking shoes/sneakers & tsinilas.

- Bathing suit + cover-up.

- Sunglasses, Sunhat, Sunscreen.

- Camera or Cellphone with charger (lots of picture taking! :))


- Any old pictures that you want to share. (show & tell)

- Any pieces of clothing & accessories you want to give away, for a fun exchange party & fashion show :) 

We love you all, and this will be a memorable time!

 Joy & Glades

Please contact Joy if you have any questions at all.

Text of Call, 208-830-5991 or DM on Facebook.

PS:  We will continue to chat together and coordinate anything we want beforehand.  We have the Messenger chat to use for communication.   Salamat po!

More pictures of the property!

Saray Hostess ta yo...

Schedule, Meals & Activities.. kono! :)
(subject to change) 


  • 4pm Arrival

  • Welcome Merienda

  • Walking tour of the Villa

  • Pool, Chill, Rest, Nap

  • Treatments Available

  • Photo Shoot

  • Dinner Creation & Dinner

  • Circle Gathering Talks

  • Rooftop Stargazing

  • Evening Tea & Dancing


  • Morning Movement

  • Breakfast

  • Circle Gathering Talk

  • Treatments Avail/ Rest

  • Meditation/Yoga or Stretch

  • Lunch Creation & Lunch

  • Play & Nap/Treatments Avail.

  • Merienda, Tea & Tsismis

  • Photo Shoot & Dancing

  • Dinner Creation & Dinner

  • Tsismis gathering

  • Pool, Relax, Yoga/Meditation


  • Taquitz Canyon hike

  • Breakfast

  • Pool, Chill, Tsismis

  • Treatments Avail/ Rest

  • Video with Nana Ansay

  • Lunch Creation & Lunch

  • Play & Nap/Treatments Avail.

  • Merienda, Tea & Tsismis

  • Photo Shoot & Dancing

  • Dinner Creation & Dinner

  • Final Circle

  • Pool, Relax, Yoga/Meditation


  • Early morning stretch yoga or walk/ Meditation or Prayer.

  • Celebration & Gratitude breakfast.  

  • Packing & cleaning & loading

  • Sit and Chill by the pool.

  • Check out at 10am.

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