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Avoid bites...listen.

No matter how much we want something to happen for us, we really can’t force it or it’ll just bite us in the ass, right away or sometimes later.

Our puppy Bodie just reminded me of that lesson yesterday.

I tried to teach him who’s the boss when he did a naughty thing…even though he already went to his ‘corner’ spot after I yelled out stop, I wanted so bad for him to drop an item from his mouth (just a food container). Well, I got a little too close and crossed his boundary. He warned me with his growling but I was not listening and didn’t stop.

BAM! He. Bit. Me.

I’m no dog whisperer and I’m sure there’re dog trainings for me to learn about so there’s that! I’ve never had a dog nor any pet in my life… duh!

However, it dawn on me as I was cleaning my tiny puncture wounds on my finger that I really was NOT LISTENING and didn’t stop. I didn’t respond the way I could have if it was a situation with another person… maybe I thought dogs would be different. NOT!

I’ve learned and know that there’s times to just surrender and let go of our agenda for the good of all involved. I’m grateful of this practice that’s created more ease in my life actually. Now just learning about canines! :)

So, when it’s not going your way for a bit. STOP. LISTEN. Stop what you’re trying to do. Take a breather, allow for some time to play itself & surrender to the moment. In time, a resolution will show itself and there may be another way that’ll work, or you may actually just let it all go.

Thanks Bodie!

Oh, we’re buds again, he kept laying his head on my lap many times after the incident. Too cute, still a handful though!

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