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Witnessing or a witness.

On my hike. A tree.

If I was on top of this hill, I’ll only see this beautiful green tree soaking up the sun.

I won’t see that this tree’s roots are exposed underneath, hanging on dearly to the rock and losing it’s grounding and foundation…

In life, there’s so much we see on the surface, on the ground, and as they are. We hardly see what’s underneath, behind the scenes or what has happened prior to what we are seeing now. I thought, there’s 2 ways of looking at this in life…

We see other people’s successes, thrills, magnificence and so on esp now with social media. What usually happens at first glance is some form of comparison, envy, also cheer & celebration and sometimes hate. What we don’t realize is what it took for them to get there, or even what they are actually dealing with at the moment, perhaps in another area of their life. Did they or do they have challenges, pain, groundlessness at times?

Then there’s us showing up in the world and looking good, keeping it all together and showing face that’s expected of us or what we think is what others want to see. What we don’t want to say or show is our struggle, our pain, the loss and the mess we might be in the midst of. I’m not saying put out all your dirty laundry and tell the world everything, no. I’m talking about the idea of pretending so much that we avoid the reality, or the needs we require, and ask for them.

Back to the tree, same tree but the difference is that with A, the question is who are we being Witnessing the tree. With B, the question is who we are being, being Witnessed.

Either A or B, there’s something hidden or unknown so there’s a lot to be said about the way we see and treat each other. We can be more responsible with our response and reactions, and be more responsible with what will serve you best by being real & ask for help.

I’ve been both A & B. You too perhaps. Remember, there’s always someone looking at you!

It’s not easy being human. However, grateful for the wisdom I have now being able embrace it All in Ease and Love! I want more people esp women to join me on this path! We evolve like the tree.

So do me a favor. Love on yourself good!

We got this.

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