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One on One Deep Dives

 Private Coaching


You will gain greater confidence in who you are.

You’ll learn to let go of kinks and reclaim your inner peace and joy.

You will begin leading from your heart, your truth, and aligned desires.

You will become unstoppable with ease, no matter the circumstance.

You will do what it takes to be your best self, enjoy your journey, and love You.

You will embrace being fully expressed and free to BE

You will know authentic power for yourSelf and inspire people around you.





3 Months  Private Coaching.


  • 3:  50-60 minute private Zoom or Messenger Call/per month.  (Zoom if recorded for client purposes only)

  • 1:  3 Hour Release Intensive (Can be broken up into 2 sections/same day)

  • FB Messenger ‘Quick Laser’ Coaching (no more than once a week, text or voice)


  • 50% off *‘Radical Alignment-The Immersion’ Group Course (if offered within a year from the start of  1:1 coaching)


Basic Investment- $4795.


(PIF total with a PaymentPlan) -  $2795.



Deposit for Payment Plan -  $1095.

DUE by 11/3/20 

2 Installment Pays 30days apart- $850

DUE 1) 12/3/20

          2) 01/3/21










        Choose and Commit to Your Blossoming












When investing in any of BIO and Joy Perreras Coaching, Guides & Retreats, you agree that...

  1. Immersions and Coaching are not considered to be or to replace any medical therapy or remedy to any particular ailments that require a medical professional.   

  2. Personal Development and Transformational coaching is your choice and is your responsibility to work with and integrate into your life as you see fit.

  3. No guarantees are made as each individual is unique in both their ability and capacity to receive and implement coaching, their willingness and commitment to the process, and trust in the journey.

  4. Your results are solely based on your participation and commitment.

  5. No refunds (NR) are made once a deposit is received.  You may cancel future payment plans only via written notice before the next auto-payment is due and coaching will be stopped immediately. 

  6. No refunds are made when Paid in Full after 10 days.   Coaching time used and admin fees will be charged and prorated if a refund is requested.

  7. One on One Immersions are sacred, private, and intimate.  All interactions are confidential, and that goes BOTH ways.  All recordings are specifically for the Coach & Client's eyes and ears ONLY.   The same goes for messages received from Messenger and/or Text.

Payments are made via CreditCard or Bank Transfer (if bank transfer, do not use the link and make arrangements with Joy)
An invoice/link will be sent to you once an agreement has been made.  Then remit payment within 24 hours of receipt. 
Contact Joy via Messenger or Text when ready to commit.
Thank you.
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