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Aligned HellYES & BlossomInsideOut presents... a much-needed Getaway for you!!!!!



HellYES Sis! It's time to recalibrate your mind, body & soul.

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Thursday, July 15 - Sunday, July 18, 2021

Palm Springs, California

An Exclusive Intimate Gathering 

A Body, Mind, & Soul Liberation


Physical, Emotional, and Energetic Gunk

Discourse - Conversations & Inquiries
Detox - Release & Cleanse
Delight - Nourishment & Pleasure

Unplug and reboot from all the drain, chaos, and distractions swirling around.


Re-calibrate back feeling good within, feeling centered, feeling nourished, feeling at peace, and feeling aligned to your truth and to what it is you’re called to Be and Do at this time. 


It's also time for you to allow the luxury, abundance, and self-care that you so so so are well deserved.  Let me provide that for you, just show up.


  • Maybe you could use some releasing and inner unleashing for yourself.  That's always good. This would be the perfect space and I'm here for it and to guide you.

  • Maybe you want undivided space to embrace the many unpredictable and even enlightening stuff you've been experiencing.  Yes, I get it.  Let me usher you into your next beautiful unfolding.

  • Maybe you feel like you're all over the place, perhaps confused, overwhelmed, or just downright tired and exhausted physically and energetically.  Ohhhh my love, you are not alone!  Please give yourself this space to be restored and replenished back to your center & flow.

  • Maybe you're like... hey I'm ready to play with my Sisters!  I wanna give my badass Self deliciousness while releasing whatever is there to be released & cleansed.  I wanna delight in connection and conversation with some beautiful souls!


Yes, yes! I hear you.  I get it.  Right there with you!

It's been an unusual year and a half, to say the least. Many things have changed, disrupted, and awakened within ourselves, our relationships, our family, our work, our community, and humanity.   

It's not all bad though, so we want to celebrate all the amazing & positive stuff too!

Are you feelin it?!   

Let's go! :) 

See images below for a glimpse of what's possible in this divine retreat!


Palm Springs

Palm Springs

An acre of lush greenery, fruit trees an

An acre of natural splendor.

Cleansing & Immune Boosting Elixirs

Daily Delicious Cleansing Elixirs

View of the mountains

Cool evening view of the mountains.

Plant Based Meals.

Yummy plant based meals

Chill spot & steps to observation deck

Chill spot & steps up the observation deck.

The parlor.

The parlor.

Dancing Everyday baby!

Plenty of Dancing!

Steps to the saltwater olympic size pool

Path to the Saltwater Pool.

Body Movements & Flow

Flexibility, Strength & Flow Practices

Outdoor courtyard dining

Courtyard al fresco dining.

Medicinal Herbal Tea Infusions

Herbal Tea Infusions & Lessons

Cranio Sacral Therapy Sessions

Cranio Sacral Therapy Massage Session

Meditations & Mindfulness Practices

Guided Meditations

Discourse & Inquiries

Inquiries, Insights & Growth

Detox & Delight Chef's kitchen!

Where all the healthy yumminess will be created!

Freshly Picked Food

Fresh Summer Fruits & Vegetables on the Menu

Qi Gong Flow

Qi Gong Flow Session(s)

Private Solo Times within the property.

Private stillness & quiet times.

Gut Health Nourishment

Gut Health Nourishment

Nothing like a good sweat

Sweat Detox! :)

By the Pool

Chilling by the Salt-water pool.

View of Palm Springs from Tahquitz Park

OPTIONAL: View of Palm Springs from Tahquitz Canyon Park hike.

Up the Tahquitz Canyon Park

OPTIONAL: Hike to Tahquitz Canyon Park


- We'll engage as deep as you want with regard to your physical or energetic detox to restore back to your next level unfolding.
- Learn the key 'Pillars to Radically Being You' on your journey to a HellYES way of living.
- Embody new practices to release, let go and detangle unconscious ways holding you back or stagnating you.
- Enhance your ways of creating authentic and aligned ways of being - peace of mind, freedom, and power.
- No discourse is off-limits if it's for your liberation, freedom, and joy.  Learn to trust your truth.
- The retreat is meant for you to experience deeper truth, peace, freedom, and joy for yourself.  Radically being YOU.

You Get...

- 3-night accommodation in an Iconic Villa with all the amenities & acreage of glam & history.
- Access to a refreshing Salt-water pool surrounded by mature Palm trees, fruit trees & the mountains - to rest and relax.
- ALL your meals, beverages, snacks, mostly organic, naturally & sustainably grown.  All meals will be prepared with love on the property.
- Workbooks, Rituals & Practice sheets, Recipes. etc. for you to keep.
- All Entry fees for any outdoor group excursion.(Optional, depending on the energy of the group)
- Guided Meditations & silent Solo times.
- Yoga Flow/Stretch Sessions.
- Herbal/Medicinal Tea Infusion tasting & lesson.
- Daily dancing & laughter.
- Daily detox cleansing libation & instructions.
- Stargazing at night... and much more!

+ Bonus Love...

- One 50 minute Cranio-Sacral Therapy Session with Glades.  A sign-up schedule will be provided during the weekend.

- A Qi Gong Energy Movement Session with Glades.  This will be a group activity.  

-- One Private 30-minute Healing Session with Joy during the weekend.  It will be scheduled by request.

PLUS:  REGISTER before May 19th

** Receive access to Joy's digital course 'Reboot & Revive'.  A 6 week/ 6Module self-study program to guide you through renewing, re-calibrating, and restoring you to be radically aligned to you and all that you do. 


Exclusive and Intimate Retreat

A special small gathering of (4-6) lovely souls, saying HellYES to your yearning for feminine connection and blossoming amidst these interesting times.  I believe it's time to treat yourself to a much-needed respite, luxuriate & be nourished away from your 'usual' environment.

It'll be in a spacious 5200 sq ft Villa + an acre of property that supports our ongoing Covid situation. 

 I hope you are one of the few who will join us into getting back into ourselves and with each other in the most beautiful, effective, and joyful way.  

Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 11.13.08

This is a 4days/3nights all-inclusive and life-changing getaway packed full of

deliciousness, value, fun & transformation.

The general retreat tuition for this area is $2597 pp  (see below for specials) 

This is a well-deserved investment for yourself & your life, and it's gonna be epic!

This gathering is an Aligned HellYES to coming out of our cocoon, opening up, and connecting again with each other. I'm so joyous to offer it to you at this time, my beautiful Soul Sister.  

Join me, you are more than worth it!  

*NOTE:   Shared Room/Shared Bed discounts!

 Make the deposit to assure your spot, then contact me for the sharing & payment arrangements. (info below)

Are you worth it?  Of course!
BTW, this is a steal!  Imagine 3 nites in a nice resort/boutique hotel, what would that run?  At least $300-$500 a night, right!  That's not including all healthy meals & drinks, without any healing treatments, without amenities at your fingertips readily available, without bodywork  & movement sessions, without any deep transformational coaching & conversations... and, you won't have the connection and collective blossoming with other souls in a nourishing aligned space! 
Most of all, you really can't put a price on your peace, freedom, and joy...and to your blossoming.  Treat yourself, my love. Don't wait.

Joy Perreras

Personal Freedom Guide & Coach.

Inner Peace Pusher. Humanity Enthusiast.

Outdoor & Nature lover. Nomad. 

Boho Minimalist & Clutter Wizard.

Naked Truth 'Ninja'. 

A Late Bloomer but a Badass Boomer.

Your Hosts & Guides


We're thrilled and joyous to be collaborating and integrating our heart and soul's work.  We can't wait to love on you, and unfold along with you, so we can ripple our love and light to our other sisters, brothers, children, and humanity at large.


Glades Perreras

Momma of 2 beautiful young men.

Dual resident of Mexico & the US.

Creative. Connector. Earthmama.

Emmy winning Documentary Producer.

Cranio-Sacral Healer. Simple Life Expert.

Tea & Plant Medicine Enthusiast.

For everyone's safety and protection, we request that you practice your own self-care with regard to Covid at all times.  The rental management also has strict Covid protocols on their end. We will be diligent in the best possible way regarding any Covid's safety while having the full experience of the retreat.

Below are our conditions at this time... (things can change at anytime per Federal or CA rules by July)
  • All participants must provide a confirmed 'negative' result from a Covid test.
  • A Questionnaire and a Disclaimer form will be provided for you to understand, read, & sign that your participation is your full responsibility, and you also understand all Covid related safety measures.
  •  All participants will be temperature checked daily in the morning.
  •  Masks are optional once you're checked in & met the guidelines. Masks are required in the public area of Palm Springs.

  Isn't it gonna be so hot in July, in Palm Springs?!

Summer, I get it, and I understand.

But you're an amazing woman and a little bit of heat won't stop you from living your best life! Right?!


Also, I specifically chose this time of year as a way of firing up our body, soul & spirit.

Here are some benefits...

  •  The heat helps soothes muscles, reduces stiffness, and calms any crunchiness... and relaxes our system, and sometimes forces you to rest.

  •  Heat makes you sweat.  Sweating is our body's natural way of detoxing and calibrating our physiology's temperature.

  •  Heat opens and stimulates our blood vessels, bringing flow, and cleansing our blood's pathway.

  •  Heat fires us up in a way that creates inspiration, enlivens our juiciness & is unabashedly wild! :).

Of course, I also know that too much heat can create havoc if you're not managing self-care. And that's not gonna happen with us.

No worries, my love because...

  •  There's a cool saltwater swimming pool to dip into at any time within reach!

  •  You will be nourished with food that supports your body & immune system!

  •  There will be no shortage of cool, yummy, and creative elixirs, juices, and water!

  •  So much greenery, mature trees, and shade around this acre property!

  •  Of course, being we're in the desert, the home will have ample air-conditioning as needed.

  •  Any excursions out will be scheduled during the cooler hours as much as possible!

  •  And anything else you need for a full retreat experience will integrate all aspects of the weather.

And... #truthbomb  #coaching moment... Any experience of your life, be it hot weather or cold weather, etc. is all based on your view of it.  Your view will determine your experience.

Let's experience a freakin fabulous divine discourse, detox, and delight retreat!!

Bring your summer casuals, yoga pants, sundress, sun hat, sunglasses, and bathing suit... and we'll take care of the rest.

I love you and let's do this!


Please contact me if you have any questions at all before or after you register.

Text of Call, 208-830-5991 or DM on Facebook.

PS:  You will be contacted after registration for further details.  Please be sure to send me via DM or text your best email and cell number.  Thank you. 

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