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Wellness Coach
BlossomInsideOut presents... a much-needed Getaway for you!!!!!

Reboot. Reflect. Restore

HellYES Sis! It's time to recalibrate your mind, body & soul.

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Thursday, April 28 - Sunday, May 1, 2022
Dillon Beach, California

An Exclusive Intimate Gathering 

A Body, Mind, & Soul Liberation


Physical, Emotional, and Energetic Gunk

Reboot - Unplug & detox from the noise.
Reflect - Look within to express & release.
 - Nourish with love, peace & pleasure

Unplug and reboot from all the drain, chaos, and distractions swirling around us.


Re-calibrate back feeling good within, feeling centered, feeling nourished, feeling at peace, and feeling aligned to your truth and to what it is you’re called to Be and Do at this time. 


It's also time for you to allow the luxury, abundance, and self-care that you so so so are well deserved.  Let me provide that for you, just show up.


  • Maybe you could use some releasing and inner unleashing for yourself.  That's always good. This would be the perfect space and I'm here for it and to guide you.

  • Maybe you want undivided space to embrace the many unpredictable and even enlightening stuff you've been experiencing.  Yes, I get it.  Let me usher you into your next beautiful unfolding.

  • Maybe you feel like you're all over the place, perhaps confused, overwhelmed, or just downright tired and exhausted physically and energetically.  Ohhhh my love, you are not alone!  Please give yourself this space to be restored and replenished back to your center & flow.

  • Maybe you're like... hey I'm ready to play with my Sisters!  I wanna give my badass Self deliciousness while releasing whatever is there to be released & cleansed.  I wanna delight in connection and conversation with some beautiful souls!


Yes, yes! I hear you.  I get it.  Right there with you!

It's been unusually overwhelming, to say the least. Many things have changed, disrupted, and awakened within ourselves, our relationships, our family, our work, our community, and humanity.   

It's not all bad though, so we want to celebrate all the amazing & positive stuff too!

Are you feelin it?!   

Let's go! :) 

See the images below for a glimpse of what's possible in this fun & relaxing getaway!  (some photos from previous retreats)


Dillon Beach area

Dillon Beach area

Dillon Beach area

Cleansing & Immune Boosting Elixirs

Cleansing & Immune Boosting Elixirs

Daily Delicious Cleansing Elixirs

Solo Reflection Time

Solo Reflection Time

Walk or just sit to BE with yourself.

Silent Sitting & Meditation

Silent Sitting & Meditation

Journeying to being more present in the now.

Restful & Restorative Yoga

Restful & Restorative Yoga

Reflections & Inquiries

Reflections & Inquiries

Inquiries, Insights & Growth

Dancing Everyday baby!

Dancing Everyday baby!

Plenty of Dancing!

Medicinal Herbal Tea Infusions

Medicinal Herbal Tea Infusions

Herbal Tea Infusions to calm your system.

Daily Power Shakes

Daily Power Shakes

Easy, simple & power packed.

Fun Group/Solo Photo Shoot

Fun Group/Solo Photo Shoot

Shine your light and expression with some tips!

Gut Health Nourishment

Gut Health Nourishment

Gut Health Nourishment

Self-Care Yoga

Self-Care Yoga

Yoga at your own pace and capacity.


- We'll engage as deep as you want with regard to your physical or energetic detox to restore back to your next level unfolding.

- Embody new practices to release, let go and detangle unconscious ways holding you back or stagnating you.

- Enhance your ways of creating authentic and aligned ways of being - peace of mind, freedom, and power.

- No discourse is off-limits if it's for your liberation, freedom, and joy.  Learn to trust your truth.

- The retreat is meant for you to experience deeper truth, peace, freedom, and joy for yourself.  Radically Being YOU.

You Get...

- 3-night accommodation in our host's beautiful beach house. (Thurs, Fri, & Sat night)
- Access to the refreshing beach, ocean and hills near the home.  Nature with all the negative ions for calm, rest and relaxation.

- ALL your meals, beverages, snacks, mostly organic, naturally & sustainably grown.  All meals will be prepared with love on the property.


- Guided Meditations & silent Solo times.

- Yoga Flow/Stretch Sessions.

- Herbal/Medicinal Tea Infusion tasting.

- Daily dancing & laughter.

- Daily detox cleansing libation & instructions.

- Stargazing at night... and much more!

+ Bonus Love...

- One 50 minute Cranio-Sacral Therapy Session with Glades.  A sign-up schedule will be provided during the weekend.  ($60 value)

-  A solo and a group photo session with fun tips and instructions enhancing your beautiful essence & self-expression.  Yours to keep!

-  OPTIONAL- Request a 30-minute private coaching session with Joy.  Any topic related to your personal freedom & peace.


Exclusive and Intimate Retreat

A special small gathering of (6-8) lovely souls, saying YES to sisterhood connection and blossoming amidst these interesting times.  I believe it's time to treat yourself to a much-needed respite, luxuriate & be nourished away from your 'usual' environment.

It'll be in a spacious & well-appointed beach house, with lots of space and natural lighting.  

 I hope you are one of the few who will join us into getting back into yourself, and with your Sisters in a most beautiful, effective, and joyful way.  


This is a 3 days/3nights all-inclusive and life-changing getaway packed full of

deliciousness, value, fun & transformation.

The fee for this wonderful, well-deserved self-care getaway is $350 pp 

Join me, our host Heather and co-host Myla for this epic weekend!  You are more than worth it!  

*NOTE:  This is going to be a Shared Room/ and some Shared Bed accommodations.

First come first served, so be sure to assure your spot by booking now!


Joy Perreras

Personal Freedom Guide & Coach.

Inner Peace Pusher. Humanity Enthusiast.

Outdoor & Nature lover. Nomad. 

Boho Minimalist & Clutter Wizard.

Naked Truth 'Ninja'. 

Your Guide

We can't wait to love on you and unfold along with you, so we can ripple our love and light to our other sisters, brothers, children, and humanity at large.

Your Hosts


Heather Mauel & Myla Whigam

Beach House owner & Community Builder.

People Lover & Youth Mama.

Sass BFF's

For everyone's safety and protection, we request that you practice your own self-care with regard to Covid at all times.  We will be diligent in the best possible way regarding any Covid's safety while having the full experience of the getaway.

Below are our conditions at this time... (things can change at anytime per Federal or CA rules by July)
  • All participants must provide a confirmed 'negative' result from a Covid test, 48 hrs from Thurs night.
  •  Masks are optional once you're checked in & met the guidelines.   You are responsible for your own Covid safety precautions.
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