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Exclusive from TikTok Inquiries Special.

For my amazing TikTok community who are curious, courageous, and ready to surrender to a new way of Being...  here's a wonderful special to get you started.  This is an amazing (deeply discounted) value that I'm sharing for a limited time.  This is a basic no-frills, no bonuses program. You may upgrade to the 'Emerge' or 'Arise' deep dives at any time.  

Remember that for any transformation to be sustained, embodied, and fully gotten requires time, multiple (continued) practices, and consistent guidance.  It's never a one-time or a fast-food kind of remedy.  It's a process you're willing to take on.

There's 2 options below to choose from.  Once you've chosen, click the Paypal button to register, and then send me an email or text me so we can set up your first session, and answer any other questions you may have.

  *Each session will be 45-60 minutes depending on the flow. (sometimes it may go 75 minutes, it's up to your engagement)

  *We will book all session dates all at once or after each session completes.

  *Sessions can be audio-only, but video calls are preferred.

  *Must be paid in Full before engagement of the first session. 


  • Total of 3 Sessions

  • Complete within 30 days

  • $447. US dollars 

Yellow Flower


  • Total of 6 Sessions.

  • Complete within 50 days.

  • $697.  US Dollars

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