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Blossom Inside Out Journeys


Journey with us via Getaways, Gatherings, Circles, Workshops.  When blossoming women gather, something potent and magical happens.


Experience one petal or many petals unfold and turn....


Pressure into Pleasure

Lack into Fullness

Fear into Love

Confusion into Clarity

Pain into Power

Distance into Connection


Body & Soul

Imagine learning about your body's physiology and your soul's purpose while having a joyful and fun weekend with your soul sisters. Come BE yourself in a safe space, get nourished and cared for so you don't have to worry about a thing but explore your own blossoming.   Let's ease away from the mind and relax in our bodies.


Thriving State

The Weekend Getaway's insights and experiential tools will show you how to move into a more thriving state of ease. Shift away from mental survival patterns and adrenalized physical burnout.  


No matter where you are in your personal or professional life... there's always room for growth. This time, it's the simplicity of coming home to You, your heart, your SHE-Soul's Highest Expression.  See and Feel what else is possible.


Inner Blocks

The Getaway will inspire you to release personal and professional inner blocks.  Designed specifically for women.  Embody what you see and feel, authentically.  Deepen your access to your own spirit, and create your inner and outer success, peace & joy... from the space of flow and ease.


Talks & Workshops

From a few hours to a whole day experience of shared wisdom, practices that support women in embodying their aligned truth.


Harmony Circles

A gentle yet profound experience of drawing ourselves out, honoring who we are and our Braveheart sisters.  Grateful to Dr. Ellie Drake for this gem.

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to get a sense of what transpires in our events.  These are images from past 
BIO Getaways, BIO Workshops, Harmony Circles & Talks from around the US,
Asia, Europe, & the Trinidad Tobago Island.

From Lisa

"This experience was powerful. It gave me tools to use immediately and ongoingly. I feel like I was blocked creatively and now am overflowing in my passion and purpose. This getaway gave me a new understanding of my personal, professional, and global purpose. I came away with insight & tools to continue each day practicing living my life with ease."

From Karen 

"Far exceeded expectations!  Many shifts on every topic/concept. Saw physiological changes & emotional clearing.  Joy is a master! :) She is intuitive, calm, insightful, and a complete delight. Substantial materials are presented in a way that creates understanding and implementation. This program rocks!"

From Marie 

"Meals were exquisite, healthy, and tasty.  Love the synergy between us.  I learned so much!  I enjoyed the group collaborations.  Joy honored each woman in the space they are in whether they are struggling or at ease.  She was present with focused intentions and shine a light on each woman and her gifts and contributions.  I got a chance to explore myself in a judgment-free zone and built a sisterhood in a weekend!" 

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